Friday, December 23, 2016

Daily Count -4

Checking in with just a few things today. I sold and mailed a couple of items on ebay. Hooray, they have a good home and I have more space! I also re-homed a couple of items I have as gifts for a friend's child. Her second grade son is getting a fossil we have not been appreciating, and I her fifth grade daughter is getting a locket that no one here is wearing. I did need to go out this morning, as I had forgotten to pick up a few food items as stocking-stuffers.

I am desperately resisting buying Disney toys from Moana. We just came home from watching the movie, and we loved the piggy and chicken in the film. I want to get next day delivery from Amazon for those characters as gifts. The film in general was uplifting, and engrossing, and much more enjoyable than Rogue One, which we saw earlier this week. (Don't judge. Two movies in one week is way more than we usually see, but the kids just finished finals, and both will be on the honor roll this term, so they're getting spoiled.) I know in my heart (follow your heart!) that they would only really be appreciated Christmas morning, after which they would become clutter, but I am still working on resisting.

My family is home, and I am off to finish my last gift, a box of hair ties for my daughter, sneaky-like. I'm upcycling an Altoids box and using Mod-Podge to protect some stickers so she can carry the hair ties around when she needs them (to dance class, or school, or other places she suddenly needs hair ties. Because they certainly can't live in a drawer in her room.).

I'm pretty pleased that I can find gifts from our surplus, and that I can move things out even when there is so much pressure to bring things into the house.

(Feeling better about not buying the toys. Writing it out seems to have talked me away from the edge.)

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