Friday, December 9, 2016


I've been thinking about this project a lot. I'm hoping the blog will provide accountability (and not just be one of those blogs that last for a couple weeks before becoming abandoned). Part of me says that starting a blog on minimalism is not exactly minimalist. But it might be minimalist-ing if it provides me structure to keep moving forward.

I really hope that I can:

  • remove the excess in my home. The clutter on counters, etc, makes me feel overwhelmed visually
  • create a schedule for my time. I want to make events move more smoothly. Currently I have no schedule for when I should be doing the things I need to do. If I could create a routine I think there will be less rushing to catch up. This is hard because every day has different expectations, and we have a number of meetings that only occur once a month, so we have to keep track of those as well.
  • create financial simplicity. I'd like to eliminate my car payment early, and save up enough money to not need to make payments again in the future. This will be easier if braces are less expensive than my original quote! I have an appointment in January that I'm hoping will answer this question.
I know there are other goals to tackle, and I'm sure I will think of them as I get a better handle on the above goals.

I've been working on simplifying and decluttering for a long time now. I have some magpie tendencies that I need to get over. For example, I will look at ribbon, or fabric scraps, or pine cones, and think "I could use this for a Christmas present" and I keep these things. But there are lots of craft materials in the world, and I feel more creative when I scavenge pine cones and pods fresh for a project. Looking at a supply of materials in my shed does not inspire me to come up with a project. I need to let these things go, and operate with more spontaneity.

I will post later with the things I've eliminated (and hopefully I won't have anything new to bring into the house today!).

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