Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Daily Count

Today was a wash. I didn't get anything new, but I don't feel I made any progress todard my goals. I had hoped to take pictures of things to post on ebay, but instead I spent the day washing laundry, going grocery shopping (I needed powdered milk for a club event. Who knew I'd need to go to four stores to find it!) and other housekeeping tasks. On the plus side, I found out the easy way that my washer is under recall!

Samsung was awesome. When I called about another issue, they recognized my machine as being under warranty, and arranged for someone to come out this week to fix it. Plus, they added a year to my warranty, which can't be a bad thing. So I'm pleased by the whole exchange.

Hopefully I'll get things photographed for ebay tomorrow. We're expecting rain later this week, and I prefer to photograph outside for the better quality light. If I can get the magazines photographed tomorrow I can post them while it rains. This will help with both goal one (get rid of things around the house, and mental clutter) and goal three (pay off my car payment). Ebay money is applied to the car payment as prepayment, to pay it down early.

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