Monday, December 12, 2016

Recognizing Delayed Decisions

Since I recognized clutter as delayed decisions theoretically, I have noticed a lot of clutter around the house that is actually delayed decisions. The Christmas cards on the counter that I haven't opened yet because I haven't written mine. I feel guilty every time I walk past the envelope, and my reaction to that bit of clutter is disproportionate to the amount of space an envelope occupies. That makes the cards clutter to me (even if someone else might not notice them.)

I unexpectedly had a free day Saturday. I had enough energy to really tackle some of the tasks I have lying around.

I painted a couple of Christmas presents, but instead of torturing my husband by trying to declutter his stuff in the garage (where I was working) I decluttered TASKS that had been hanging over me. I mended the (previously mentioned) pajamas. It felt as good as clearing a closet or cabinet -- I felt a great deal of openness and freedom as a result.

Obviously, some clutter is physical. But in a lot of ways, even physical clutter is delayed decision-making. My son's unwanted water bottle bothered be sitting on the table because it was unwanted. Once I recognized that no one wanted it and DECIDED to pass it along to someone who could use it,it stopped being lutter.

A lot of my physical clutter, I am beginning to realize, is stuff that I think will be useful someday. Pretty paper I can use for card making, or gift wrap, or some other project I will make. But those pieces of clutter get in my way when I'm looking for something, or simply weigh on me because I know I have boxes of supplies that need to be used for something. To be honest with myself, when I want to make something I rarely am inspired by what I have. I am much more likely to use whatever is on hand to make my vision work. I prefer to upcycle, rather than rummage through craft supplies looking for something that will work. Very often projects that are forced out of available supplies become clutter themselves, unfinished projects that are not inspiring enough to see completion. In the past when I've tried to declutter stuff without realizing what clutter represented I kept this potential clutter. Hopefully, this time the blog will help me find a more effective path to a home and life that is decluttered of inessentials.

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