Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Daily Count

I think I'm going to leave off my daily count until after Christmas. I have only been marking time lately, not moving forward. I haven't even tried to eliminate any clutter, and things are coming in. I am so grateful for my friends, and their thoughtfulness, but now I have things sitting around, waiting for homes, and I don't really want to tackle that.

I never realized that I am the source of so much of the clutter I find overwhelming, but I have been noticing as I leave things lying around. The sweater I plan to wear again tomorrow morning gets hung back up in the closet and I find that it doesn't take me any longer to grab my sweater out of the closet than off the chair. Putting it away at night still requires mindfulness, but it's worth it in the morning.

As for other sources of clutter -- other people's things, and permanent things -- I haven't made any headway, and I don't see it happening this week. I am going to embrace the holiday, and I will not try to eliminate the joy of gift giving (and receiving).  After all, my relationships with others are more important than the material gifts .

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