Saturday, December 10, 2016

Item Count -3

An item count of three things out doesn't seem accurate. I took three cardboard boxes to my neighbor's house -- he uses them for distributing produce. Threw away (compost) my old fiber door mat that just collected muck for distribution on our shoes, instead of actually scraping it off. It had been sitting to the side of the door because it is such a mess that I'd rather do without than use a wet, muddy mat. Purchased a new paint scraper because we cannot find our old one.

But that doesn't tell the story of today. Keeping in mind that "clutter is unresolved decisions" I resolved those things that clutter my mind. I planted the bag of potatoes that had been glaring at me for weeks. I don't know if they'll grow, but at least they are no longer sitting around! I mended the drawstring in my pajamas. Tomorrow morning I will not have to struggle to keep my pants where they belong, and I won't tell myself "you know, I really ought to mend these." Done! These are things that did not take up much (or any) physical space, but they were oppressing me every time I looked at them.

Before tonight's over I hope to mend a tear in the trim of my winter coat. I rarely think of it except when I am leaving the house. But every time I wear my coat I remember that I ought to mend it when I get home. So today, while I have mending in mind I will mend my coat and have that pleasant feeling the next time I wear my coat. I will be able to remove that constant bit of clutter from my mind.

Mending and planting should count toward the eliminating side of things, but I'm not sure how to record them. Folding laundry from yesterday would be recorded the same way -- it nags at me when I walk by and don't act on it. Maybe something will occur to me.

Getting rid of mental clutter will help me get to my goal of a more peaceful, minimalist home by eliminating the physical objects that are waiting for action, and I will be more peaceful as I eliminate the decisions that are not actually important to me.

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