Friday, December 30, 2016

Minimalist Day

Today was low-key. I spent most of the afternoon plying my daughter with hot tea, while keeping her company on the sofa, reading books. Sometimes this parenting thing is rough.

Seriously, I enjoyed having downtime with my daughter as she suffers through the cold we all sincerely deserve. We've been eating poorly, staying out late and generally not trying to stay healthy. So hot tea this afternoon, and black bean soup tonight. Black bean soup is powerful, and will cure a cold with the strength of heartiness.

My husband, my son and my son's friend are in the other room playing a terribly complicated board game. I'm glad they have enough people to play without me.

This morning we put away our new DVDs, and we got rid of several we no longer watch. I bought Disney's Beauty and the Beast when I was in college (because, you know, it would go into the vault) but we've watched it once. And she's in middle school now. So some other child can enjoy it. Things like that, to make room for movies we actually will watch (or that we think we will watch. I can go the rest of my life without seeing Finding Nemo again, but apparently that's just me.).

This is the sort of day I want from minimalism. Being able to focus on my family. A quiet day, taking care of ourselves, and no need to go out for groceries or other necessities, is the heart of minimalism for me.

I hope you are enjoying your school holidays, or weekend, or snow days this winter!

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