Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Decision Fatigue

Minimalism appeals to me, I think, because it eliminates so many daily decisions. Instead of a closet full of clothes, there are thirty items to choose from. Instead of elaborate meals, make something simple. I read somewhere to eat a salad every day for lunch; it reduces your choices, and makes grocery shopping easier because you know you will need lettuce, beans, nuts, whatever you like in your salads. This doesn't work for me, but I like the idea of eliminating all the unnecessary decisions so I can spend my decision making powers on something else.

I do feel like I have a limited amount of decision making power. Science backs me up, in part, saying that people make poorer decisions where there are too many choices. People are physically more stressed when they have many choices (for a mobile phone plan or health care plan) rather than just one or two options.

Decluttering delayed decisions reduces my stress. It may not make my home look like a Pinterest board, but it is a step to feeling better, clearer and happier. If I can eliminate the constant pressure to deal with "this," or put that away then my home will look and feel better. Which will make me feel calmer and better able to deal with actual needs as they appear.

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