Saturday, December 17, 2016

Minimalism at Christmas

Time and again I wonder about my timing with this project. Christmas may not be the best time to focus on minimalism, but it also is the time of year minimalism is most needed. I haven't been able to focus on decluttering the house (hello, big tree in the living room!) but I've also been a lot more mindful. I am more mindful of the gifts I'm getting the kids. I'm more mindful of the time we have together, and trying not to cram the days full of every possibility. I've been working to leave a little white space to enjoy our time together, and not attend every possible activity. I've been -- wait for it -- choosing the activities that are most meaningful. I've been limiting our activities so we are doing things when we have free time, instead of cramming activities into every 15 minute opening.

So far, my Christmas season has been more peaceful than usual. The kids are preparing for finals at school, and even they don't seem quite as harried as they have been at other times. Minimalism seems to be the answer to a lot of the stress I usually experience trying to give everyone a perfect holiday.

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