Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Beginning

Christmas is coming. While I love Christmas, every year it fills me with a certain degree of anxiety. My home becomes cluttered with gifts that I will be giving to extended family Christmas day, gift wrap to wrap gifts, craft supplies to make gifts. I have Christmas decorations on every flat surface, and a large tree scheduled to make an appearance some time next week. Additionally, I have holiday concerts to attend and children to deliver to additional programs. So what do I find myself doing when I ought to be wrapping gifts or cleaning house? Browsing minimalist sites on Pinterest.

So I've decided to keep track of what comes in to the house, and what goes out. I have a pathological responsibility to things I've owned for a long time, to make sure they are re-homed responsibly, instead of just donating them to Goodwill. I sold a box of canning lids on ebay this morning, and decided that will be my starting point.

From now on, I will take pictures of things going out, and things coming in. I hope that I can inspire myself to reduce the amount of physical objects pressing in on me. I want to create a home that is calm and relaxing -- while housing the people and dogs who actually live here with me. I'd like to create a home that feels like a sanctuary instead of a way-station for material goods.

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