Thursday, December 29, 2016

It's not about the Stuff..

...Or at least, it's not supposed to be. I feel I've been focusing a lot on the physical stuff right now. I'm keeping track of what comes in, and what goes out. (I haven't been taking pictures because I have a not-very-fancy camera and I don't have a smartphone. Plus, I'm not sure a picture of my donation box is really something that needs to be recorded for posterity.) I hope I can develop a less material focus after a little while. I hope this "Stuff"-focused period can be temporary, after which I will enter a Zen-like period of life where I am unaffected by material goods and instead spend my time playing games with my children and serving simple, nutritious food to my family. I'm not counting on it -- nothing like that has happened so far -- but I'm hoping it will magically occur this time.

For now, though, I will continue to move the physical objects out of my way. I decluttered a basket I received for a gift. I could keep it for 12 months and regift it to someone else, but I'm not wild about how it looks and I'm not wild about storing it for a year. So I'll let someone else discover it at the thrift store. I donated two books I didn't even use much when homeschooling. Washed one of the new sets of sheets so it can become useful rather than leave it sitting on the table next to the other new set (the one my son still needs to approve). I carried out all the craft and wrapping supplies to the storage shed, which is not quite the same as getting rid of them but they are no longer clutter I have to look at. For the first time in over a month!

Put my Christmas gift from the kids, a Totoro car decal, on the car window. Crazy, I know, when I could have just shifted it around the house for a month or two, trying not to damage it. Clutter is delayed decisions!

I continue my efforts against the cookies.

I cut up a loaf of bread and some dinner rolls to make bread pudding, rather than my usual plan of ignoring them on the counter until they become fuzzy. I no longer have ziplock bags on the bar (hate those!).

I have not needed to go to the grocery yet this week, and I'm feeling pretty good about my shopping expeditions last week. A quick run to Target yesterday remained a QUICK run to Target, and not every other shop in town. I'm optimistic that menu planning and a better plan for my shopping list will improve my scheduling of household errands and leave me more time for family time. (I have spent so much time decluttering yesterday and today because the kids spent the day and night with their grandparents. Tomorrow will be much less productive because I will be doing things with them, which is why I am working to deal with my physical goals today.)

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