Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Daily Minimalist-ing

I hope decluttering works if you do it randomly, whenever something catches your eye. Because that seems to be the strategy that appeals to me. I have a small basket by the front door that is supposed to hold dog supplies -- leashes, combs, training collars, chicken harness. But the basket was starting to sag from it's handle, and frankly I was concerned about it breaking. Now I know why. I got rid of two pairs of scratched sunglasses, gum, candy, an extra leash (we only have two dogs, we don't need three leashes!), a flashlight that didn't work (replaced the battery, now we have a working flashlight) and other miscellaneous items. The basket now closes completely and the poor handle is no longer bending. Was it as high a priority as decluttering the bar (again)? Probably not. But I tell myself that baby steps are forward steps.

I cut up the Thai peppers my mother brought over, and added them to a jar with white vinegar. We will now have hot sauce for the year, and one of the items on the bar is gone. I also tossed a few cookies to the chickens (they were no one's favorites, and the kids are out of the house so no one will complain) and washed one of the containers.

I did clear up my workspace in the garage yesterday, and I am living the American Dream. I parked both cars in the garage! The garage is very full of packing materials, though, so I'd appreciate ebay listings selling so I can move both them and the packing materials out.

I donated a tea cup that was replaced by a cup I got as a gift (my cupboard only fits so many cups) and I shifted camping gear from a broken tote to a new one I bought. This counts as decluttering because I didn't know where the broken one was (we have several camping totes), but when I found it I removed it. This was a double benefit because the new one was constantly in the way in the garage because it didn't have a home.

In the other column: things coming into the house. I went to Target to shop the after-Christmas sale. Not exactly a minimalist activity, but I'm also not made of money and I like to pick up things fifty percent off. I think I did pretty well. I got a desk calendar for my daughter, flannel sheets for me, flannel sheets for my son, and a box of Christmas cracker. The calendar is on approval: if she likes it she can buy it off me, and if not I will return it to the store. Our sheets are wearing out. They are not all worn out yet, but looking thin. I don't know if this year or next is the last one. My son needed a new bottom sheet because the dog ate one. I don't know if those are all real needs or justified wants, but I don't think they will be clutter.

The last thing I bought, the Christmas crackers, are not clutter. They are actually part of my goal to simplify next Christmas and I am really thrilled I was able to find them. This year my husband had to sneak out after the kids were in bed to buy crackers at the only Target nearby that still had some, and I wouldn't mind missing that experience next year.

(I have a new title for the daily tally. I hope it will be more interesting than the old one.)

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