Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Daily count

I returned a book to a neighbor. It had been sitting on the table, looking like clutter, and now it's gone. Donated two glass domes I bought to make gingerbread house snow globes -- they would have been so cute, but I'm the only person in the house interested, and I haven't done it in two years. I can let those go.

On the other hand, I brought a large tree into my living room. Covered it in lights and sparkly bits. So I guess that's not terribly minimalist. But part of my goal is to not make my family crazy, so that makes the tree worthwhile.

Stopped by a thrift store to pick up a gift. Also came away with a dress for my daughter, a shirt for me, and a basket that will match my daughter's room when we repaint after Christmas. The dress I can justify -- we will be visiting Hawaii with my parents, and if I don't have a "Hawaiian dress" for her my mother will buy one there. New. I have issues with buying new things when there is so much in the world already, and I don't like a lot of the working conditions in parts of the world where things are made for Americans, so I opt out. So like I said, I can justify the dress. Not so much the other two things. That's what makes this life (and this blog) a process.

Hopefully, knowing I will be keeping a tally will reduce the number of impulse purchases, and reduce the over all amount of stuff I am responsible for.

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