Saturday, December 10, 2016

Clutter is Delayed Decisions

Clutter is the sum of delayed decisions. Minimalism is reducing the number of decisions in my life, to reduce the daily clutter, both mental and physical. Neither of these statements may be original or profound, but they have been impressing me this last day as I get rid of physical clutter. A sweater I don't like to wear -- why didn't I get rid of it before, instead of waiting to make that decision? Why did I wait so long to deal with the reusable water bottle that no one wants? The draw string in my pajamas needs replacing. Why haven't I done that? Every morning I have to deal with droopy pajamas BECAUSE I DO NOT MAKE THE DECISION to fix the string. How long could it take? How much mental energy have I spent on the daily thought that "I really need to do something about this?"

If I reduce the amount of decisions I need to make in the future, I will clean my mind and my environment of the clutter that daily drags me down and exhausts me. I will have the space I want for enjoying my life and my family, without the constant nagging sensations that I hate.

I need to work on this. How do I create an environment that does not contain these delayed decisions? How do I catch up on the delayed decisions so I can enjoy the aspects of life I really want?

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