Thursday, December 15, 2016

Daily Count

Today is one of those reasons I need minimalism. I ran around in circles, and ended up frustrated.

My husband needed items for work, so I ran to the store. And the other store, and the store after that, as long as I was out. Came home, swept the house, met the termite guy (who was treated to an unswept view of my laundry room, as I wanted him to see the termite dirt. Lovely), found out I was counted as late for a volunteer opportunity last week and I would be fined unless I volunteered again. Need to fill out a form for my son's robotics group, and get it signed by his club leader, before his meeting Saturday. The volunteer opportunity makeup is 1-3 Friday, but that is an hour and a half in the car, pick up my daughter from school, and drive out again. So I declined that, and instead I will hope to volunteer Saturday. My wedding anniversary. But that's ok, my husband has to stay home so he can drive my son to and from his meeting (he's fairly new and hasn't met anyone who could drive him instead of us driving). And I just realized I need one more item at the store so my daughter can make fudge for her teachers for tomorrow.

I'm exhausted reading over it. It's the sort of day that needs something to go away, but I can't see what it is or how to eliminate it (ok, if we had been on time we wouldn't have a make up volunteer opportunity, but I'm blaming my husband and traffic for that). What is essential, and what is not? Stay tuned for the answers to these questions in the next episodes of my fascinating life.

In order to look at the positive side of the day, I did have a couple of positive steps. I wrapped two gifts, but did not get rid of any clutter. I did avoid making clutter in a couple of instances, like when I filed the receipt for the termite elimination instead of leaving it on the desk for my poor husband to file later. So I guess I am moving forward a little. Baby steps.

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