Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Daily count

I found a home for my sweet potatoes! (I know, you were holding your breath to find out the conclusion there.) I had a basket filled with miscellaneous items (packaged dried mushrooms, dried tomatoes, other slithery things) that could be repurposed for sweet potatoes. I will work on using up the mushrooms and tomatoes in soup this week, other items could be moved elsewhere. This looks good.

The sweet potatoes are not exactly the point -- I made a decision (finally) and cleared the clutter (finally). By feeling responsible to the blog, I felt that I had to make the decision. That is the reason I am writing to the internet, and a win in my book.

I would take a picture of my cleared off microwave, but I cannot believe there is a more boring picture available on the internet. You will just have to imagine the glory of a white microwave.

Other things are moving around, if not necessarily out. Move some of my husband's out-of-season clothing into storage, which makes his side of the closet easier to use. Not Project 333 by any means, but it's easier to shove his clothing to the side to put back clean laundry. Hemmed a pair of trousers that he didn't like to wear because they dragged. Donated a binder that is a color my daughter doesn't love. I had been saving it in case her's breaks, but I also have one in case my son's breaks. They can have the same just-in-case binder. (Yes, his has broken before, in the middle of the school year. Replacing it with something I have stored from the thrift shop is faster, cheaper and easier on the earth than running to Target. As I have said before, I am working toward minimalism. I am not there.)

Two more Christmas presents finished and ready to wrap. Two more gifts wrapped and under the tree. After this, I think I have all the gifts (crafts) finished, and I just need to wrap the extended family gifts. I still need a couple of things for my family, but that will be a load off my mind when those are done. Then I can relax into the peace of the season.

Made this pasta for dinner tonight. Used up some avocados that were threatening to go to the dark side. We have avocado trees here, so that is actually a problem. Making dinner out of free food is part of meeting my third goal, so I'm happy I could feed my family and keep it inexpensive.

(Not included on the list of "Christmas things to do" are making cookies for our neighbors, teacher gifts, Christmas dinner. But having gifts done is a big deal.)

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