Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Daily Declutter

I sold two items on ebay, which was exiting to me because I not only got rid of the actual items, but I also got rid of two boxes to transport them to their new homes. I also put the dvds into their boxes so I could donate them. I found two containers of body lotion, and I brought them to a meeting so someone else can use them. Keeping them in storage and not using them isn't actually helpful.

I found a roll of calculator tape that I will pass along to my neighbor. I know he has a calculator that uses tape, since my daughter used to enjoy playing with it (and using up all his tape).

Not much physical stuff moved out, but I'm moving out little pieces (ten today) while the family is home. And the basic clutter that sometimes makes me crazy seems to be decreasing. Magically. By putting away things as I use them, there is less clutter on counters than there used to be. So that's beneficial. I just need to keep moving forward.

Another day without having to go to the grocery, so that's something good, too. Ran out of mayonnaise because no one wrote it on the list, but I will make it from scratch and resist going to the store early.

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