Thursday, January 5, 2017

Daily Delutter

I went through my closet today, and pulled out three shirts to move into spring/summer storage, and one Christmas shirt to store until next year. Everything else stayed, and I'm a little disappointed. My closet feels crowded, but I wear everything in there.

I made banana bread out of some of the frozen bananas. This will eliminate a little of my food clutter, but that is slow going. Pinterest says I can fold in pomegranate seeds that I have in the freezer, so I made one loaf with those, and one loaf with dried mangos in lieu of raisins.

Deluttered a couple of kitchen utensils, but not enough to make a notiecable difference. I did move all the pieces for the popsicle maker to the cabinet with the popsicle maker (I'm not using it right now!). If it isn't useful this summer I will rehome it, but right now I'm just hiding it. Removing the auxiliary pieces DID make a difference in the drawer, and didn't negatively impact the cupboard.

Does anyone else have difficulty cleaning house during Christmas? I have dog hair on the tree skirt -- how do I get that off? I can't sweep or vacuum it. I put the skirt through the wash every year, but that doesn't help toward the end of the season. And with all the nick-knacks lying around, I remember why I usually don't keep things like this around. There is so much dust!

I just want to curl up with a book and a cup of tea. I'll struggle through a little of my ought-to's, then enjoy the rain. Heathcliff is waiting for me

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