Saturday, January 21, 2017

Daily Declutter

I dropped a couple pieces of clothing at the consignment store today. When your kid wears a 28x30 pair of jeans with a belt, consignment is an easier way to find jeans than thrift shops. When I can I drop off at consignment, which makes purchases from the consignment more affordable.

I finally found the correct scent of laundry detergent, so I was able to exchange detergent, bring home the correct scent, and put it away. Done. Finally. Out of my mind, and off my to-do list.

I got about half my shopping done this morning before I needed to pick up a kid from school. I will finish tomorrow morning after I drop a kid off for dance class. (Do you see a theme to my life?) It didn't help that I had the wrong car for shopping -- my produce bags were in the other car. I'm trying to minimize my packaging. I'm not zero-waste, but I do borrow from that philosophy when I can.

I finally made the risotto I've been trying to use for weeks now. It was delicious, but I will not be buying any more arborio rice for a while -- at least until my pantry starts feeling a little more bare. It's tempting to get more right after we enjoyed it, but I am forcing myself to remember how long it too me to use up this box.  I will be making manicotti next week, since I found more manicotti shells while I was shopping. I will make enough to use up the half box I have in the cupboard since last winter. Pasta never goes bad, and I will be happy to have an easy dinner planned in advance, plus two boxes of food clutter out of the pantry.

Not much, but lots of little things are adding up to make a difference.

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