Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weekend Declutter and Update

This weekend I reaped the benefits of scheduling, decluttering and minimalist-ing. Friday I had to run to the grocery to pick up cheese for a family party. I didn't know last weekend that I would need it. However, everything else that I needed for the party was available at home, so my trip to the store was super quick. I did pick up milk, though, because it was $1.50 cheaper there for the organic milk than it is elsewhere.

As a result of my quick trip Friday I was able to have a quick trip Saturday, and I was able to both Target and Costco (which would have been challenging otherwise). I tried to exchange laundry detergent that was the wrong scent, but they were out of the free and clear, and I did come home with peanut butter. Life can continue at my house.

My reward was a camping trip and a day at my parents' house. We went camping with my dad, food was easy because it was all planned and on the menu, so we sat around camp and talked an went on a hike/walk with the dogs. (The hike was not long enough or challenging enough to really qualify as a hike, but it was very pleasant!) Afterwards, my dad invited us back to his house. I wasn't planning on that, but since I've been keeping up with my chores and I knew what I needed to do, I could go. So instead of an afternoon of laundry, we played games and my mom made ravioli for dinner!

I feel like I was able to enjoy my family time (my overall goal) because I've been keeping on schedule. I also feel like I was more able to enjoy our trip because I was more efficient about what needed to be done. I wasn't worn out from running to the grocery every day, and that gave me the time to be where I really wanted to be, and it gave me the flexibility to do something that would be more important in the long run. There is a quote that "the enemy of the important is the urgent," and I think I avoided that this weekend.

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