Saturday, January 28, 2017

Daily Declutter

I spent most of the day away from home. Grocery shopping, dance class, visiting with friends. But I did get rid of a big piece of clutter. I finally sold the canoe!

The canoe has been sitting in my yard for months and months now. I have never moved it, except to take a picture for Craigslist. It was of no benefit to me -- in part, because it was so difficult to move. But this morning I got a message from someone who wanted it, and was willing to pay for me to deliver it.

I had a very generous friend come over to help me load it in my old work truck. Exactly half the canoe stuck out the back, over the tailgate. I wish I had taken a picture! I felt absurd, and probably not legal to drive the freeways. I spend almost an hour driving (it's usually a half-hour drive) to deliver the canoe. The guy who bought it said he'd now have a "red canoe story," so it must have looked absurd to him, too.

But the best part is being rid of the canoe. I'm rid of the guilt. I will no longer look at it when I walk outside and think "I really wish I could get rid of that." I will no longer feel bad for letting it rot in the front yard, when surely SOMEONE could use it. I'm free, I'm free.

Most clutter isn't as loudly annoying at this canoe was, but I think this is a good indicator of why the whole "minimalism - thing" is so appealing to me.

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