Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mental Minimalism

This isn't a pretty confession. I finally got my Christmas cards sent. I didn't have that many left, and I had sent most before Christmas, but I wasn't done. I had a bag sitting near the front door so I could take the task on the road with me. Or I could work at it when I was watching tv.

I would look at my bag. Sometimes it would just be a messy bag near the door. Sometimes it would be a task that I need to accomplish before I could be "done." The Christmas cards were a constantly unfinished task FOR A MONTH that always was weighing on my conscience.

It took about an hour. I had to hand write the notes (especially after waiting so long!), but it really only took an hour, sitting drinking tea and not working outside in the rain.

And now I feel so happy! I don't have to worry about that again for over 10 months! I have put the bag away, and the living area is less cluttered looking -- and not guilt inducing!

Why didn't I do it earlier? 'Cause I didn't wanna. I caved into my inner (spoiled) child. I do the same thing every year when I put off filling out my tax forms. I feel so good when I declutter my to-do list. I feel so much lighter, free-er.

So, it came down to decluttering my mind. I got rid of two things I kept thinking about, things that my brain kept cycling to. (One was a call I didn't want to make. I made the call. It went much better than I expected!)

It feels a lot like cleaning out a closet or cupboard that has been preventing my from getting things done.

What do you need to mentally delutter?

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