Monday, January 9, 2017

Practicing Gratitude

I don't know if other aspiring minimalists practice gratitude as part of minimalism. I know Christianity, which has a strong minimalist bent, at least originally, emphasizes it strongly. Today I am working on practicing gratitude, and I am expressing it here.

We met with the orthodontist, and the cost was everything I was fearing. I had been hoping the quote would be lower than my previous quote for orthodontia, but it isn't. I will not be able to use money from selling our trailer to pay down the car. Instead, additional money will go to paying for straight teeth.

So I will practice gratitude.

I am grateful that I am planning for orthodontia fees, not orthopedics fees. I am grateful that we have health insurance for that sort of involuntary expenses.

I am grateful that we are looking to fix teeth, not trying to pay for an illness, or some sort of terrible disease.

I am grateful that we live in a country with modern health care. I am grateful that if my child needed serious medical treatment that treatment it is available and accessible.

I am grateful for my husband's job that will pay for this treatment. I would rather spend the money on a vacation or something recreational, but I am grateful we have the money available.

I am grateful that our trailer sold, to help pay for much of this expense.

I am grateful that elective treatment is something we can afford to elect.

I am grateful that my children have free, quality education, so we are not having to choose between education and medical/dental treatment.

I am grateful for my home, that shelters my family.

I am grateful for my family.

I am grateful for much in addition to this, but remembering to be grateful helps me get over my disappointment in what is really a minor inconvenience.

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