Friday, January 20, 2017

Why I Love Thrift Shops

I have gotten rid of a couple of big boxes of clutter around the house, so far. I probably will get rid of more before I'm much older. Some of my clutter goes to ebay, but most goes to thrift shops. I am so happy, and thankful, to have thrift shops!

They take my clutter, and sell it to someone who needs it. They keep my clutter out of the landfill. I know not everything will make it to the shelves, but part of the problem there is because more people donate than buy from thrift shops. But I can't change that, I just do what I can. Many use that money to support a charity, which is a bonus! However, even if they just keep goods out of the landfill, that's good enough for me.

They take other people's clutter, and sell it to me. I'd rather buy someone else's outgrown clothes, rather than supporting foreign sweatshops. Also, I'd rather spend $5 on a really good quality shirt that will last, not a cheap shirt that will need replacing soon.

They make jobs for people, collecting, sorting and selling clutter. Most thrift stores are non-profit, but even if they are profiting from my donations, I'd rather support people working locally for a service organization. If I need (need, not want) something, I'd rather not have to buy it new. Recently I needed a gift for a family friend; I was grateful to find a wooden tray for her new travel trailer. She didn't know the tray was not new, but I knew that the gift went to help people, not harm them.

They provide an inexpensive place to buy back my clutter, if I make a mistake. I'm not donating unique, historic clutter. I am not the woman who donates a painting that later is found and valued for millions of dollars. I'm donating things that are roughly equivalent to the things other people are donating. Craft supplies, kitchen supplies, clothes, linens are all available at the thrift store most of the time. I'd rather risk having to spend a few bucks to rebuy something once in a while if it means I have space and clarity in exchange.

I have, in the past, bought things I don't need from the thrift store. There is always so much available! Some of it is questionable, some is funny, but some is so tempting! The unnecessary has made it's way back to the thrift store to go home with someone else. Minimalist-ing is about reducing the amount of unnecessary contents in my home, so I've been buying a lot less lately. But thrift shops are still my go-to when I need new shoes, clothes, or a gift for a friend. Thank you, thrift shops!

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