Thursday, January 12, 2017

Daily Declutter

Odds and ends again today.

I'm getting rid of a small laundry basket I used for my son when he was about three. I've tried to use it for dog towels, things like that, but they sit on the shelf just fine without the basket. And the basket has been sitting on my dryer, getting in the way, for at least six months. Out it goes.

I used up a secondary box of steel-cut oats, and am now down to just one box. Not my family's favorite form of oats, but they're not going to waste now and they're no longer taking up space in the pantry, so I'm happy. Also used up some berries I needed to defrost, so that's good too. Best of all, I fed my family breakfast and everyone's full and happy.

I got rid of the lost socks and the basket they resided in. From now on lost socks can live in the drawer of the person to whom them belong. I am happy to get that space back in my cupboard, and hopefully people will pair socks themselves rather than wait for me to feel like it.

Tonight is one of the few nights this week that we will all be home together. The weather is cold and rainy, so I feel inclined to sit on the sofa and watch a movie. Instead, I will try to get the family together for a game. We need the time together when we can get it. As simple as it feels to all vegetate with a movie, we'll be happier in the long run if we have fun together.

I've been thinking about what to do after I deal with the obvious clutter. How do I identify the areas of the house I don't use regularly so I can declutter them and make all my corners work for me? I will ponder that, and come up with a plan for second stage decluttering. But I do have obvious clutter still, so that's a little while off.

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