Thursday, January 12, 2017

Daily Declutter

It's raining again, and I am grateful for the water, but it means I cannot take pictures outside and post things to ebay. I have been busy inside, clearing out the food clutter in the freezer. I spent an outrageous amount of time separating frozen kale from frozen berries. I was given a bag of mixed berries and kale as smoothie blend, but we don't drink smoothies, and I wasn't wild about the combination, so I used the kale to make strata and the berries will go into oatmeal. I used up most of the bread ends and bits, so the freezer is looking more accommodating than it was.

I located some tea towels I had embellished, and those will be a gift for a family friend along with a serving tray. I ironed the tea towels and some shirts that had patiently been waiting for attention.

Not much decluttered, but I ran a few errands and prepared for tonight. We have dance class, so I want to have everything as done as possible before I pick my daughter up from school. That way we can have a little family time before I head out again.

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