Saturday, January 28, 2017

Daily Declutter

Clutter has been sneaking up on me. I put away a couple of skeins of yarn that had been sitting out. I moved a box of magazines I posted to ebay back out to the shed. I had a book sitting on my nightstand for not less than six months, just looking at me accusingly. I finally moved it to a bookshelf where I won't hear it's accusations "you never finished reading me!" My husband threw out a calculator that didn't work. (We had to discuss keeping it. Some of us thought it might just need a new battery, but since no one had done that in months, and he was going to put it back in the drawer in favor of another calculator, he decided to throw it away. This is how clutter sneaks up!)

I washed laundry, though. I'm still enjoying my tidier laundry area, with room for my laundry baskets. My family is dealing with lost socks living in their sock drawers. Did some house cleaning, which is not the same thing as decluttering.

Made my menu for next week, and started grocery shopping. I'll finish tomorrow. This may be my new pattern, because I like some of the shops near home better than the shops I can get to on Saturdays. As long as I don't go out all day, every day, I will count it an improvement.

We've been busy living. We went to the circus yesterday evening! If you have the circus in your area, GO! I hadn't been since I was a child, and the circus is very different than I remembered. For one thing, our circus had no animals. The performers were amazingly talented. The clowns we not in makeup, and they were hysterically funny. I do not remember the last time I laughed so hard! We saw Circus Vargas, but check out the circus near you.

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