Monday, January 30, 2017


Today is a "not-at-home" day - the last scheduled "not-at-home" day for this semester of dance. My daughter's class will be changing to nights, so we will need to create a new family schedule since she will need to be driven to class, and we will not be able to sit down to dinner at the regular time. We'll see how that works out, but we will need a schedule so the whole family will be able to have time together.

On a different not, I decluttered by not receiving a tablecloth and napkins from a friend who was decluttering her house. The tablecloth would fit my table, but I've been getting by without it, so I don't need to store it. But, oh, I was tempted! Free stuff! That I can use! I'm glad I had the willpower to resist.

The bar in my kitchen is mostly clear. This is the first time since we've lived here that the bar is remaining clear without my specifically clearing it off. Apparently, making the decision to deal with things NOW instead of waiting is actually working. It's working for other people in the family as well. My husband found a bottle of glue on the bar and put it away, rather than let it sit there until the whole bar was cluttered. I have read that a cluttered space attracts more clutter and a clean space is easier to keep clean. There may be truth to that!

The thing that was really different about today, though, was my free time during dance class. While my daughter dances, I usually use Monday to run errands. This means go shopping. I shop for clothes my kids have grown out of, groceries, birthday presents, anything that needs to be done. Today I didn't need to shop. I did all my shopping Friday and Saturday. I didn't need to go look for clothes without my kids, because they have enough. If they grow again, I'll take them with me. I had totally free time! So I spent an hour walking around the park, and half an hour calling people I needed to talk to. (I even took a couple pictures of blooming flowers, that hopefully I will use later.) When I got home I didn't have phone calls to make, groceries or other purchases to put away. I was able to just be at home, and I was able to spend time with my family.

I wish I had tried scheduling shopping sooner, but I'm glad for the time I have freed up now.

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