Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Update

Had an amazing weekend. Stayed home almost all the time, so it wasn't exciting, but I loved it. Played games with the kids, watched a couple Marvel movies, progressed farther into Wuthering Heights, stayed out of the rain.

I did make a menu plan for the coming week. I included lots of hearty, warming food, because it's supposed to be wet, then cold, for much of the week. I ran my grocery shopping errands Friday and Saturday mornings -- I had to split it up so I could pick up non-driving members of my family, or drop them off, but I won't have any additional trips this week. Hopefully.

I am glad it takes me a while to move things out of the house after they are decluttered. My daughter asked about the throw pillows I got rid of. Apparently those are the pillow fight pillow. I don't enjoy getting whacked in the head, so I don't participate. Fortunately, those pillows were waiting for the fabric recycling bin to get full, so they were reclaimed to put to their proper purpose. Bonus: no light fixtures were broken in the process, although it was a near thing.

My husband appropriated the shoe rack I had eliminated, to store paper and desk stuff on the shelf above the desk. Things are less stacked on each other this way, which makes them easier to access, without pulling a pile of supplies down on our heads. So this is a good things, but it is reducing the amount of stuff moving out. I probably should look through the supplies up there to see what we actually need.

Most things that I say I have decluttered actually go into a holding area. When the box is full, or overflowing, I transfer the contents of the plastic box into a cardboard box and take it to the donation station. Or  I leave it in the garage until I can't stand it, and then it goes out. I cannot stand bringing cardboard boxes into the house, as they too often are the homes for bugs. The holding pattern allows me to be enthusiastic in eliminating things, and my family has the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they can get their stuff back if they notice it's missing. If they don't notice, they probably didn't use it.

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