Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Daily Declutter

I've had a busy weekend, and Monday was no better, with lessons and the orthodontist appointment. But we ate dinner at home, eating leftover cornbread and a butternut squash (and other things), using up a few things that have been sitting around the pantry. That's good.

Today I'm back on track. I wandered around as I washed laundry, and I noticed shoe inserts in my closet from a pair of shoes I no longer own. Why were these inserts still there? I don't have a good answer for that. But now they are gone. I also have a woven (straw?) fan I bought at a fair...I don't know how many years ago. The ribbons get in the way all the time. Also gone. A folding paper fan; why is this in there? Three baseball caps (one was mine), a bag that I loved but is irreparably torn, and a shoe rack. By consolidating all my shoes on one rack I am able to shift it over, put two pairs of boots on the shelf next to my other shoes, and unstack my hat boxes. Now I can reach the top boxes without standing on tiptoe and knocking the top one off the stack. That hasn't been a good plan, but I've been using it for the last seven years or so. The floor is clear so I an sweep quickly and I have room to stand when I reach for the top shelf.

I've been thinking about next Christmas (I'm one of those people) and I'm thinking about including a hat for my father-in-law. This made me consider the yarn I have in my stash, namely, some fisherman's wool that I don't like. If I don't like it, why am I keeping it? It's now in the donation box.

I also cleared out the cabinet where we keep the medicines. I discarded an expired box and combined two that were the same meds. I also found two unopened bags of sore throat lozenges that I will donate to the food bank because we have never used them -- we're tea drinkers for that sort of thing.

A bunch of little things, but that's how it works! I now have a large box full of things to take to the donation site, and a couple things for the food bank.

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