Friday, January 20, 2017

Daily Declutter

I cleaned the cupboard under the sink. It has, apparently, been a long time since I looked under there! I found trash, an old bottle of conditioner I no longer use, an empty bottle from shampoo (that I once thought would be a good travel-shampoo bottle. But when we traveled this summer, we neither looked for it not needed it.), two containers of q-tips (we don't use them, I don't know where they came from), cotton balls (ditto). Now, the cabinet holds a trash can, train case for travel toiletries and a few personal necessities. I was surprise at how much junk was under there -- I thought I had dealt with most of the random clutter around here.

I also dealt with a bag by the front door, and the Christmas cards inside. The mental clarity is so much better with that done, and a phone call I didn't want to make. I'm going to keep that up -- I felt so much more relaxed knowing what I had accomplished! Today I will make a doctor's appointment more me. I hate scheduling doctor's appointments, just for the time the appointment takes, and working around things I need to do. But it has to be done, and when it is no longer mental clutter I'm sure I'll feel better.

Cleared out the cabinet where I keep table linens. Got rid of a too-small tablecloth, and a Thanksgiving one. I thought I had already got rid of the Thanksgiving one when we decorated this last year, and really we didn't miss it. I may still have too many tablecloths, if we went through an entire year and didn't realize a Thanksgiving tablecloth was in the cabinet. (It was vintage, printed with harvest and pilgrims, so there really was no question about using it in summer.)

I actually posted the magazines I photographed. Please, oh please, let someone buy them quickly so they can get out of the house! At the very least, I won't be telling myself that I need to do that!

I will be making a menu plan today, and shopping either today or tomorrow. But only one of those! I do like having the schedule for shopping, and not shopping as often. My family is surviving, and they have not run out of anything critical yet.

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