Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Daily Declutter

I spent the day doing laundry, which is easier since I got rid of a few things there. I have room for the laundry baskets and I no longer need to keep shifting them around.

I continue to fight with the printer. I found a spray bottle that I thought might work to clean out the possibly clogged print heads. It didn't help, and I haven't used it in over a year -- but it's so pretty! A glass and metal sprayer, for spraying plants! I can use it to keep orchids alive! But I don't have any orchids, and I'm not planning to buy any to match my sprayer, so out it went.

Also got rid of a couple of throw pillows. When I bought replacements we kept the old ones for the dogs to use (they like pillows). But the pillows went in the storage chest. Now the stored blankets can smell like dog, be difficult to store, and the dogs can not have access to their pillows -- this is not a win. So out the pillows go. (The dog is currently sleeping on the sofa, where he's not allowed, instead of his bed. Maybe that's why they didn't need the pillows).

No great strides, but I got laundry washed, hung on the line, and folded. I fed my family, and used up a cup of garbanzo and fava bean flour left over from our gluten-free test on my daughter (hooray! gluten is not the source of her allergies!), so the pantry is slowly being cleared of clutter. I'm not ok with wasting food, so the pizza crust was especially high protein, and I'm ok with that.

Baby step. Baby steps will get there, and it's a long road. I'd rather move forward with baby steps than burn out, or have my family reject the efforts I'm making.

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