Thursday, January 26, 2017

Daily Declutter

I feel like the sloth is my spirit animal. I'm just not moving forward the way I would like. Sometimes, that's just the way life is. I've been busy with church activities, orthodontist visits, parenting and family activities.

That's why I need to simplify the physical aspects of life. A big decluttering project isn't in the cards at present.

I have been working on tiny things. I got rid of the pens I hate from the jar near the phone. Next time I need to jot something down I won't scowl at the pen I grabbed, put it back and rummage around for another one. I'll be willing to use the one in my hand. I'll have a pencil there as well, because sometimes you just need a pencil you can erase.

I glued a broken decoration back together for my daughter. I left it on the counter for only one day, instead of leaving it there for weeks. I had to go outside to get the glue, which seemed insurmountable at one point. I was done in minutes, and it feels good to have that off my counter and off my brain.

I spent a large portion of yesterday doing laundry and hanging it out. I found a torn handkerchief, and instead of putting it back into the bag where we store them I deposited it into the fabric recycling container, so no one will pull a ragged scrap out to blow their noses in front of people.

I've been thinking I really need to take pictures for the blog, to make it prettier. But I really am dedicated to living in the moment, and the recurring thought that "I should photograph this for the blog" takes me away from the moment. We spotted a rainbow the day before yesterday, and I'm glad I enjoyed it with the kids rather than running in the house for the camera. Because how many kids their age still enjoy looking at rainbows? So I'll be sticking with the simple structure, at least for now.

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