Friday, January 6, 2017

Menu Plan Week One Report.

It's been almost a week since my last shopping trip, and my family is all still alive! Seriously,  I did not go to the grocery for anything in a week, and it felt kind of weird. My menu plan didn't work out as I planned it, which has always been my problem with menu plans in the past. 

One night's dinner made way more than I expected, and we had that again a second night. So that was one planned dinner that didn't get made. We unexpectedly invited friends over to dinner this weekend, and she's allergic to nuts -- which was an ingredient in the meal I had planned. So I had to rework that night. Oddly, I had planned until this coming Sunday even though I will be going shopping Saturday morning, so I have time to alter Saturday night's plan, but the plan still didn't work. Another night's plan was shifted so I could make Sunday night's dinner tonight, use up more leftovers, and go to see my parents Sunday night.

Despite this, I think the menu plan and single shopping trip worked. I had enough pantry meals planned that I could shift things around. We'll have spaghetti some time next week -- the ingredients will keep on the shelf until next week or the week after. My family lived without mayonnaise when we ran out. I planned to make mayo, but it didn't happen, and yet they lived. Hopefully this will impress people enough to mark food on the shopping list in the future. I know the list is well marked for the coming week.

Lastly, I really liked having the plan! I liked having an answer to the eternal question "what should I make for dinner tonight?" I liked looking for the answer in my book, instead of trying to throw something together. I don't know if it was noticeable to anyone else, but I felt calmer, and that's part of the point of the project, right?

This week was not typical because no one went to school, so the leftovers in the fridge were not in as high of demand as they often are. But I will say the menu plan seemed to work this week. I am looking forward to planning for next week and trying this again. We will continue to use up the backlog of ingredients in the freezer, and eat the fresh food in the fridge before it has a chance to move to the dark side.

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