Monday, January 2, 2017

I lived through the weekly shopping trip.

Today was, apparently, the day everyone chose for running errands and grocery shopping. I have not seen that many people in years. I don't even have words.

Nut, I persevered and accomplished my goals! I returned a book to Costco (it was a duplicate). I returned the sheets and calendar to Target. I grocery shopped at five different store, looked for a gift (failed), and I did not come home with anything to clutter up the house. Even the food wasn't clutter (yes, food can be clutter, and I will address that, but not now).

I really, really, REALLY hope this is it for the week. I'm already readjusting my menu plan (my greatest downfall for menu planning is the life events that require readjustment). I have enough leftover black-eyes to make another dinner, if I make another pan of cornbread. I'll just shift over something that is pantry-dependent, rather than refrigerator dependent, and that should cover meal planning.

Now that I've recovered and dinner is in the oven I feel pretty good about accomplishing all the grocery shopping in one fell swoop. I even made it to the two discount groceries in town, one of which had both tuna and veggie ground crumbles (ground beef alternative) which were very welcome. Tuna was on my list, and veggie crumbles are a very nice start for a quick dinner if I get home too late to cook.

I just hope next week is much quieter at the stores, and I don't have to spend that long every time.

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