Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Daily Declutter

Today was a running-around sort of day. I took my son to the museum to see Art of the Brick, sculptures made of Lego, while my daughter was in dance class. (She and her father had already seen it.) It's really incredible what the artist can do in brick!

I got rid of five books off the living room bookshelf, and moved some family books out of my bookshelf into the living room. The kids are old enough that we have all started reading some of the same books. Right now most of us are reading Laurie R. King's Beekeeper's Apprentice, about Sherlock Holmes during the 1920's. If you like mysteries, I highly recommend this series!

But I digress. I moved some family books into the living room, in the spots that are now open. It makes access easier for the kids. It also makes the bookshelf look full, and not like "Mom has been getting rid of all our reading material." I consider that win-win.

I didn't get rid of much, but we did make good use of our time. As focused as I am on physical clutter, minimalism isn't about that. We had time to play a couple games, I made dinner (I planned for leftovers, but I did not take into account a growing boy!), we read as a family and I started a new knitting project for gift giving. All activities that are life building, and the real purpose of minimalism around here.

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