Thursday, January 19, 2017

Daily Declutter

Yesterday, while the rain held off, I photographed a bunch of old Life magazines for ebay. If you need old magazines, they'll be up today! I hope they find a good home.

We have been storing a lot of electronics donated by friends for an e-waste fundraiser at my son's school. Yesterday, before the rain, he loaded them up in the truck so we can deliver them this weekend. I am excited to get so much garage space back! It's not "real" clutter, in my mind, because we were only ever storing it for the fundraiser, but it still took up real space! I'm glad I had the shelf space available. The rain has started today, and I am so glad I can use the garage for parking (and loading up the car for school).

I returned some library books, and I picked up a few more. This is the closest I've come lately to bringing in new clutter to the house, which makes me happy.

Things aren't moving out quickly, but I think I've curtailed stuff coming in. However, clutter still is coming out of corners, and coming home from school! I am looking right now at a shelf with a mask (school project), and disposable film camera that needs to be developed, a Netflix envelop that needs to be returned, pruners that need to go outside. I can deal with most of them today, but I'm pretty sure more clutter will come out of hiding when I do that.  I guess that's how it works, though. Eventually I will have to run out of sneaky clutter!

The menu plan had been working this week, but it crashed and burned today. I was planning risotto and leek pie, but the skies have opened in southern California, and I need soup. The leek will be repurposed to potato-leek soup, but the arborio rice (which I'm trying to use up) will continue to linger in my pantry. Which is why the box has lingered in there so long -- when I try to make it, something seems to always come up. On the other hand, we get soup and bread tonight while watching the rain, so that's a good thing.

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